Vorige vergaderingen 2009

  • Europerio 6 - juni 2009

    We are pleased to inform you, on behalf Dr. Stefan Renvert, Chairman of Europerio 6, that the 2 announcement brochures are posted.

  • SOBOR congress with the BVP-SBP - 5 september 2009

    "Alveolar Corticotomy and fast orthodontic treatments" by Dr Fergusson & Dr Wilcko.

  • Prof. Hammerle at the KUL - 15 october 2009

    A full day course.

  • Consensus Meeting on Oral Implants - 16 october 2009

    The Belgian society of Periodontology is pleased to invite its members to the first Implant Guidelines Meeting.

  • Eerste Nationale Congres van de Belgische Vereniging voor Orale Implantologie - 14 november 2009

  • Free Communication 2009 - 4 december 2009

    The Belgian society of Periodontology is pleased to announce the BVPSBP free communications day on 4th December 2009.

    Indeed, sharing nationally our research and know-how is very rewarding for everyone.

    For this reason, every postgraduate students, faculty members, BVP-SBP members, private clinicians are invited to propose their own research / clinical case in the field of periodontology. (Clinical and basic researches, long-term periodontal results, multidiscplinary treatment, implant treatment, )

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