Archives: Meetings 2014

  • 1st EFP Master Clinic - 7-8th February 2014

    The first Master Clinic to take place in Paris, France during February 2014

    New EFP congress: The Master Clinic comes to complement and raise the level of expertise in periodontics even higher.

    The Master Clinic will be linked to topics of the European Workshops held during the same year. The Master Clinic will be organized every 3 years during the winter in the interim before the upcoming EuroPerio Congress.

  • Third International Orthodontic Congress (BUOS) - 13-14th February 2014

    Location: Genk.

  • Failure Festival : Unexpected treatment outcomes - 28th March 2014

    Location: Leuven.

    A full day congress (accreditation will be asked for 40 AE)

  • Visie Tandheelkunde 2020 - 26th April 2014

    More information and registration :

  • Symposium 35 jaar Parodontologie KU Leuven - 20th September 2014

  • Autumn Conference - 21st-23rd September 2014

    Location: Birmingham.

  • 6th Scientific Congress of BVOI (Belgische Vereniging voor Orale Implantologie) - 15th November 2014

  • Piezocision for rapid orthodontic treatments - 5th December 2014

    Accreditation in domain 5 and 6.

  • Training in tobaccology 2013-2014

    Organizing and training location : FARES asbl Rue de la Concorde, 56 1050 Brussels

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