Lecture and workshop for dental hygienist

Program of October 4th 2019

Success with implants
Important factors to consider before and after implant therapy and the
importance of implant maintenance for a successful outcome.

13H30: Welcome

14H00 - 15H30: Part one
The lecture will present some prevalence figures from Sweden. A common
solution for patients with periodontitis is implant therapy however, implant
diseases will occur in many patients.

The dental hygienist plays an important role in taking care of the patient both
before implant installation and after the final constructions has been placed.
This is key to achieve a successful result.

The lecture will focus on implant maintenance and how to maintain good plaque
control. Furthermore, the lecture will highlight the importance of patient
communication and motivation.

15H30 - 16H00: Break

16H00 - 17H30: Part two
Patient cases will be discussed, both periodontitis patients and implant cases.
This practical part of the lecture includes hands-on training on dental models. It
also includes sizing of interderdental brushes and practical communication

oral-b tepe Colgate