Andrej Djurkin

Mr Andrej Djurkin, Dentist specialist in periodontology and implantology
Master in dental sciences, UCLouvain 2013
Post-grad in periodontology and implantology, UCLouvain (Saint-Luc) 2013-2016
Dentiste spécialiste hospitalier, UCLouvain (Saint-Luc) since 2016
Private practice limited to periodontology and implantology since 2016

Perio pod 5 - Explantation protocols. Andrej Djurkin

More and more implants are placed every year all around the globe. As a consequence, we regularly face failing implants for different reasons: peri-implantitis, 3D malpositions, implant fractures,… When trying to save the implant is not an option anymore, we are only left with the possibility to remove it. To remove an osseo-integrated implant is usually as easy as removing an ankylosed tooth: really difficult!
In order to help us, different protocols and instruments may be used to achieve the explantation: from least invasive like counter-clockwise instruments to more invasive ones like trephine burs. This PerioPod will focus on helping you decide which technique is more suitable in each situation and also demonstrate the BTI universal implant removal system versus the traditional more invasive trephine burs.
Every technique will be described using “step-by-step” documentation for a more predictable and safe outcome.