Other periodontal treatments

Gum grafting

Gum recession is not always infectious, but can also be caused by trauma, such as aggressive brushing. This type of gum recession can be treated with a gum graft. This will partially cover the root and recreate a solid and hermetic gum.

Lengthening of teeth that are too short

When your gums cover too much of your teeth or if your teeth appear too short, it is possible to harmonize your smile by correcting the contour of your gums.

Lengthening before placing a crown

When a cavity has developed under the gum, reshaping of the bone and gum around the tooth is sometimes necessary before a filling or crown is placed. This allows your dentist to carry out the treatment in good conditions.


This is a slight modification of the upper or lower lip's frenulum to avoid tensions that could cause gum recession. The support of the lip will not be altered by this small operation, but it will ensure a stable attachment of the gum and good access for brushing.

Impacted teeth

This procedure consists of the removal of teeth that are blocked under the gum and require orthodontic traction. It also includes the extraction of wisdom teeth that may be impacted.

Guided Tissue / Bone Regeneration (GTR/BRG)

Bone and gum tissue loss following an extraction can be prevented/corrected by simple and effective techniques. Indeed, a filling of the extraction site with biocompatible materials or a gum graft is possible to avoid a collapse.