Halitosis - Bad breath

Bad breath still seems to be a big taboo. Since you can't smell your own breath, you have to rely on others to warn you about your bad breath.

Although it is often assumed that bad breath is caused by gastrointestinal problems, this is rarely the case. In 90% of cases, the cause of bad breath is in the mouth.

In general, the tongue is the source of the breath odour. On the back of the tongue, food particles, nasal mucus and dead cells accumulate. The proteins in these are broken down by the bacteria in the mouth and cause bad odour by producing sulphurous gas.

But it's not just bacteria on the tongue, bacteria between the teeth can also produce such gases and cause bad breath.

Fortunately, bad breath can often be solved in a simple way, with professional teeth cleaning and proper instructions for cleaning the tongue and teeth. If necessary, this can be supplemented with a special mouthwash.