Alexander De Greef

  • Dentistry at the Catholic University of Leuven
  • 2 years active member of the student association Apollonia (PR: Public Relations)
  • Erasmus project at the University of Montpellier
  • Postgraduate student for Periodontology and Implantology at the Catholic
  • University of Leuven (3th year)

Alexander De Greef (3th grade Postgraduate Student Periodontology and Implantology)

Perio pod 2 - The beauty of the ramus bone graft. Alexander De Greef

“Sometimes the answer is right under your nose”
And, Sometimes it is right under your ear!
- The beauty of the Ramus bone graft -

If bone loss is one of the biggest contributing factors to the need of periodontology surgery, than bone gain is one of the biggest questions.

Instead of synthetic or donated bone, autogenous bone graft should be considered the gold standard for increasing and maintaining the amount of bone. By
encouraging the body to generate new bone and reducing the risk of rejection and possible other potential complications, intra-oral bone graft is almost always a possible treatment option.

Short summary about ramus bone block with full documented overview of the surgical treatment:

  • Step by step treatment protocol
  • Advantages (intra-oral access, low morbidity, short healing period, exhibiting minimal resorption, maintaining their dense quality,..)
  • Possible risks (damage to the mandibular neurovascular bundle, …)
  • The future

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